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Jinsitsu: O_o Jun 15, 2021 23:49:29 GMT 10
smokedark: Link down please fix Jun 17, 2021 12:01:29 GMT 10
lsfade: How i can i inject the mods Jun 17, 2021 14:40:53 GMT 10
Jinsitsu: Fluffy Mod Manager or do it manually lol Jun 18, 2021 14:09:01 GMT 10
hyugo: Hello, there is a way to have ashley in story mod when you have swap with hunk ? And for the garden, the game crash. On Resident Evil 4 HD Jun 20, 2021 1:12:20 GMT 10
leonsus: Does anyone know where you can get the Naked Carlos Oliveira mod since it was taken off nexusmods? :P Jun 20, 2021 3:25:47 GMT 10
raft00: Hey, anyone knows how can I downgrade my Re4 to the version 1.06? Jun 20, 2021 11:48:23 GMT 10
Jinsitsu: Probably but idk try asking on the RE4 UHD modding board instead and for the garden it's probably on your end. Try reinstalling the game or verifying your game files. Jun 20, 2021 17:40:34 GMT 10
Jinsitsu: well since the mod is Hidden, dunno where you should look so try asking on the RE3 modding board see if someone still have it. No idea but why you want to downgrade to v1.06? Jun 20, 2021 17:43:16 GMT 10
raft00: I want to instal a mod, but it need to downgrade to 1.06, unfortunately. Jun 21, 2021 1:22:59 GMT 10 *
Jinsitsu: oh right because of the latest update you can't. Well i did a lil digging someone asked the same question on Steam on how to revert back to v1.06 luckily someone answered and shared a file on a google drive, so try searching it on google you'll find it :) Jun 21, 2021 2:45:42 GMT 10
worgehuhn: The Forum here inactive? No posts anymore Jun 23, 2021 9:07:47 GMT 10
Jinsitsu: nah, if the forums are inactive then no one will ever bother to go here and post something as you can see the community still alive, we still have moderator and modders. It's just people do some things in real life too y'know not just here. Jun 23, 2021 10:43:13 GMT 10
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