is it possible to remake the cutscenes of re 0 and remake?


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felibuni96: Hi, i cant open the YZ2tool , help . hola no puedo abrir la herramienta YZ2tool la inicio pero despues al instante se cerrara, ayuda porfavor. Jul 9, 2020 6:44:58 GMT 10
jezzica4000: any sexy out fits for ada /helena etc all the re6 women that i can play as . not many links i can find to mod from Jul 10, 2020 9:56:40 GMT 10
leehunter: Thank you very much~ really~ thank you~ Good job~ Jul 10, 2020 11:11:08 GMT 10
DarkSamus: What you are asking for breaks the rules of this site. Jul 10, 2020 11:12:08 GMT 10
Mr.Curious: I thought only nude mods were prohibited? Are skimpy outfits, or bathing suits against the rules? What about lingerie? Jul 10, 2020 16:49:22 GMT 10
C.O.G.S: I think was referring to the no panties request. Jul 10, 2020 17:07:29 GMT 10
DarkSamus: Against the sites rules... "No Panties and without shoes" Jul 10, 2020 17:57:31 GMT 10
DerpyPlayz: Hmmm Jul 11, 2020 16:06:31 GMT 10
jezzica4000: i need a cross bow mod for Ada now. the black is just getting old. would like some thing girly maybe like pink camo . now that would be perfect Jul 12, 2020 12:49:17 GMT 10
jezzica4000: sorry i pulled the post. i should of read the rules Jul 12, 2020 13:08:01 GMT 10
jezzica4000: rather have something along of pink camo for weapons Jul 12, 2020 13:08:40 GMT 10
Nathan Kennedy: If you need Crossbow reskins you can download them from this thread Jul 12, 2020 16:20:26 GMT 10
tank9213: Jul 13, 2020 7:20:54 GMT 10
specopsvalentine: Can the "Jill over Sheva" mod work on PS4 using a USB of some kind and uploading it to the game file itself? Jul 13, 2020 10:19:17 GMT 10
DerpyPlayz: No Jul 13, 2020 13:52:49 GMT 10
DarkSamus: PC and console mods are not compatible with each other. Jul 13, 2020 17:59:12 GMT 10
DerpyPlayz: PS3 Homebrew modding was so amazing. Jul 14, 2020 2:58:53 GMT 10
specopsvalentine: Then how do ppl put mods onto their consoles? I know a lot of ppl who have rapid fire on RE5 for PS4. I wanna know if one can replace Sheva with Jill for console. Jul 14, 2020 11:38:47 GMT 10
DarkSamus: No idea, I don't own a modern console. PS3 is my newest console and I have never tried to mod any games for it. Jul 14, 2020 12:45:43 GMT 10
any weapons mod for resident evil 4 steam edition?
Jul 14, 2020 16:29:09 GMT 10