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jillsnake: My mods upload mediafire, mega or googledrive? Jan 9, 2018 7:51:54 GMT 10
shadow12: let me post some good mods :3 Jan 10, 2018 2:21:17 GMT 10
Hunk: i mean like like what model of gas mask irl does he use cause i was going to buy it Jan 10, 2018 15:12:36 GMT 10 *
DarkSamus: I personally find Mediafire to be the most reliable, been using them from the beginning and they have never removed my mods. Jan 10, 2018 20:10:09 GMT 10
g: The gasmask seems like a kind of weird cross between different types of 3M full-face respirators usually used by contractors working around heavy asbestos and mold(go figure). But don't expect to find a perfect replica, most gasmasks in RE aren't real. Jan 11, 2018 4:06:40 GMT 10
onecrazyzombie: Anyone Have a backup of Resident Evil Remastered Chris Redfield BSAA to Enrico Marini Mod? link in the original thread is dead ;-| Jan 11, 2018 7:09:56 GMT 10
Hunk: found a better one www.airgas.com/product/Safety-Products/Head,-Eye-&-Face-Protection/Welding-Lens/Welding-Lens---Passive/p/MSA806462?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjbG6q6nO2AIVkcVkCh02dAYLEAkYASABEgLrfvD_BwE&fo_c=306&fo_k=9de164ddfbfca893da3d3bd594be102f&fo_s=g Jan 11, 2018 7:18:48 GMT 10 *
hunter1996: does anyone have a link to 100% savegame? my savegame got damaged :( Jan 13, 2018 6:49:15 GMT 10
jillsnake: look my reskin :D residentevilmodding.boards.net/thread/8545/recreation-outfits-leasther-stars-version?page=1&scrollTo=85001 Jan 13, 2018 15:32:40 GMT 10
jillsnake: hexadecimal editor and lots of patience Jan 13, 2018 17:01:28 GMT 10
g: you gotta learn how to extract the game files and convert them so that you can modify textures in .dds form in a program like photoshop, then repack em in basically. that's the basics of it Jan 13, 2018 18:02:41 GMT 10
jillsnake: It's not just editing images Jan 13, 2018 18:05:05 GMT 10
jillsnake: textures and mrl is possible edit Jan 14, 2018 6:17:48 GMT 10
g: when it comes to texture editing yeah you basically are just editing images, including normal maps and specular maps. sometimes you can just edit the entire model to have a certain color shade and high gloss like what you did but that's not quite textures Jan 14, 2018 6:34:08 GMT 10
jillsnake: I do not edit models, just modify a file mrl, and images Jan 14, 2018 7:29:45 GMT 10
ameerhun1996: Guys, is it possible to add a new gun to the story mode that can actually be bought from the store? The specific gun I want is the Px4, and I don't want to use trainers every single time in order to play with that gun. No one'll make this mod I suppose? Jan 15, 2018 7:12:21 GMT 10
DarkSamus: No-one can help if we don't know which game you need a save file for. Jan 15, 2018 21:14:45 GMT 10
jtl: hunter1996 download jtl manager and plugin unlock bonuses, unlock 100% game Jan 15, 2018 22:03:39 GMT 10
jtl: unlock bonuses for re4 game Jan 15, 2018 22:17:11 GMT 10
Hunk: Hey i got a simple question for anyone how can i unpack files form RE4 RE5 ect Jan 16, 2018 8:09:49 GMT 10